Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We all need information when it comes to areas like web hosting, travel options, hotels, restaurants, etc and often turn towards review websites for the same. This Privacy Policy administers the method in which the website collects, makes use of, maintains and divulge information collected from the many users of the website. This policy is applicable to this website and all its relevant products and services offered via this website. Your privacy is our top priority and hence the website is committed to look after the privacy of its visitors/customers.


We pull together and stock up the following Personal Data of our visitors:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Website URL


This information in turn is used for the following purposes:

  • To improve the website
  • To send mails and newsletters
  • To inform our customers about new offers and deals
  • To carry out day to day surveys
  • To make aware our visitors about new options that they try out
  • To send Email Notifications
  • To get customer reviews on our services
  • To create statistical data of our visitors for internal use only


This information collected by us is kept confidential by all ways and means and we DO NOT SHARE any of your information with any third party for digital marketing purposes. The information provided by you is kept safely and is used only for the purposes listed above. We stock up all the personal information on our secure servers and transactions are encrypted by means of SSL technology.


The information provided by the website is only intended to make available general information and should not be regarded binding. Some errors and omissions can be a part of this information available on the website and hence your recommendations are welcome.

If you find anything wrong with the content on the website, you may reach us via email and we will try to mend our mistakes. The website is not responsible for any errors and omissions and reserves the right to make changes at any point of time.

The website does not warrant the exactness or completeness of any information, text, images or any of the links provided. All the content on the website is copy written and any use of it by any third party, without proper written consent, is punishable under the copyright act.

We recommend to you that you check local laws of the country you live in before engaging in any kind of online activity. It is only and only your responsibility to check if you are working within the stipulated laws of your residing country.


We do not use any image, text or graphic which act as hindrance to children’s privacy policy.


The website contains links to other websites as well and we do not take any responsibility of these links. We advise you to check on with their privacy policy and other terms and conditions before engaging with the website’s services.

We put various links, images and promotional information of various third party advertisers on our website which serve ONLY as a source of revenue and we take utmost care to verify links before uploading but do not take responsibility of these links. It is advised that you check the terms and conditions of the respective promotional links before engaging yourself with these links and graphics.

If you have any issues pertaining to this privacy policy and/or are interested to know more on the use of personal information by us then write us email.